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Our solutions are sustainable because, as your partner, we are equally as committed as you are to the development and success of the individual, the team, and your organization.

LCI Associates Inc. represents more than 30 years of Canadian and international experience. We are a leading provider of business, human capital and workplace solutions. Diverse perspectives, skillful communications, finely honed thought leadership and seamless execution are hallmarks of LCI initiatives and projects.

We are known for our fresh and innovative approach, our possibilities mindset, and our extensive and diverse portfolio of work in multiple sectors and industries.

Diversity Advantage International™ (DAI) specializes in diversity and inclusion management. The comprehensive DAI approach integrates best practices, communications, and diversity and inclusion strategies together with executive coaching and talent and leadership development.

Effective diversity management is a well-travelled path. At DAI, we believe and know that, done well and consistently refined, diversity and inclusion can be transformational. DAI works as a partner and coach to help you seize the fullest advantage that diversity and inclusion can deliver.

Broadening Opportunity Through Leadership Diversity & Inclusion (B.O.L.D.) is a unique leadership coaching program. Interactive and cohort-based, it is designed to accelerate the advancement specifically of culturally diverse leaders, internationally trained professionals, and Indigenous Peoples into the senior-most positions. B.O.L.D. is a direct response to our stakeholder consultations and the need to optimize workplace inclusion. The award-winning B.O.L.D. is a direct response to our stakeholder consultations and the need to optimize workplace inclusion. It is an intentional multi-sector, multi-industry solution to meet the demand for a new leadership paradigm.

B.O.L.D. distinctly focuses on leadership development within the context of organizational innovation and effectiveness. The approach to learning and professional and organizational development represents the critical intersection where leadership diversity, scalable opportunities and sustainable executive pipelines meet.

Diverse by design, you can rely on our multi-dimensional perspectives, subject matter expertise, broad career and life experiences, diverse origins, and deep interest in a wide range of issues. We customize our team to meet your particular priorities and culture.

Spearheading the team is Jennifer Lynn – a certified executive coach, pre-eminent communications strategist, diversity and inclusion specialist, and inspirational public speaker. As CEO, Jennifer is at the forefront of major and precedent-setting initiatives to effect transformational change in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Jennifer brings a breadth of experience and a diverse body of work crossing all industries. She has been recognized for her leadership as a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal.

Our finely honed thought leadership and seamless execution accelerates talk to action …and action to impact!

Our founding partners, advisors and collaborators add their invaluable insights and experience.

  • Courtney Pratt, C.M., Chair, Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions
  • Dr. Alan Middleton, Executive Director, Schulich Executive Education Centre, York University
  • Dr. Sudi Devanesen, C.M. Co-Founder, The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization (TREWO); family physician
  • Marie Moliner, Regional Executive Director, Government of Canada – Canadian Heritage
  • Mina Mawani, President and CEO, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada
  • Wayne Dunkel, CA, CFP, Partner, BDO Canada
  • Ruby Lam, Equity/Specialist Consultant
  • Ravi Jain – Founder and Artistic Director, Why Not Theatre
  • Dr. Doreen Yee, FRCPC, Anesthesiologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center; Chair, Canadian Anesthesia Research Foundation

Jennifer Lynn, CEO

Jennifer Lynn is a certified executive and leadership coach, pre-eminent communications strategist, diversity and inclusion specialist, and inspirational public speaker. As CEO, Jennifer is at the forefront of major and precedent-setting initiatives to effect transformational change in the private, public and non-profit sectors. She leads the company’s coaching practice and B.O.L.D., a unique executive leadership program.

Jennifer brings a breadth of experience and a diverse body of work spanning all sectors and a wide range of industries. Her distinguished career in business, communications, education, broadcasting and the media spans several countries and continents. She has worked with private, public and non-profit sector clients ranging from large international organizations and major Canadian corporations and agencies to entrepreneurial enterprises.

Previously, Jennifer held senior roles as a broadcast executive, producer, business and communications consultant, educator and adjunct professor. Jennifer is spearheading significant action to create new diversity-inclusion paradigms. The most recent initiative is the B.O.L.D (Broadening Opportunity Through Leadership Diversity) program designed to support the advancement of culturally diverse executives and managers, internationally-trained professionals, and Indigenous Peoples into the senior-most positions in private, public and non-profit sectors.

A member of the Global International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC), Jennifer is a certified professional coach and Chair of the International Coaching Federation (Toronto, Canada) PRISM Award Judging Panel. Jennifer’s extensive leadership and senior volunteer roles for various business and civic organizations are dedicated to economic and social inclusion, education, the environment, women and children, and arts and culture.

For her notable contributions to the country, Jennifer is the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal, the Province of Ontario Volunteer Service Award, and the United Way of Canada Chair’s Award.

Five Good Ideas Book CoverAs a subject matter expert in communications, she is a contributor to the book, “Five Good Ideas – Practical Strategies for Non-Profit Success”.

Jennifer Lynn in her role as former Chair, United Way (10:26-10:59).

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Committed to Excellence.

We are privileged to work with exceptional clients who are committed to sustain excellence in every aspect of their business, from talent to the technical and innovation to impact. We value our long standing and newest clients from the corporate, public or non profit sectors. They embrace our collaborative style, discipline and rigour.

We work with you and your team to:

  • Effectively align your strategy with your vision and growth
  • Efficiently navigate internal and external complexities
  • Maximize engagement at the critical intersection of opportunity and capacity
  • Synergize knowledge and talent to enhance profitability and sustainability

Select Client Stories

Shoppers Drug Mart

GRAMMY Awards®

B.O.L.D. Program

Employers Forum

Coaching Leaders

A few words from our clients.

We always appreciate receiving feedback, ideas and suggestions from our clients. We value the opportunity to share your insights about our working relationship and your dedication to going the distance with LCI (LCI Associates Inc.) – DAI (Diversity Advantage International) on every project and signature initiative undertaken.

“Creativity. Intelligence. You apply it all. Quite simply, you are rare professionals who can take terrific ideas and deliver real results.”
Alfred Haber Inc., International distributor of the GRAMMY® Awards
“LCI is a dynamic, action-oriented, forward-thinking company with a strong ability to work through complex issues and develop valuable new ideas and solutions.”
United Way Toronto
“You are great at asking the right question, cutting through the fluff and getting right to the heart of an issue. You put people at ease and facilitate the emergence of their deepest and truest feelings to help them see what is most essential.”
Government Health Care
“LCI provided solid strategic advice on issues and also crisis management. They were extremely adept at their handling of both my affairs as Chair of the Council and key stakeholder relations, particularly with the media and other medical organizations in Canada and internationally.”
International Asthma Council
“The work of LCI Associates has been truly seminal to our diversity initiatives. They helped both staff and volunteers embrace where we had to go in this critical area of business in a highly practical way. In fact, several of our partners have used the LCI Report to help kick-start their own diversity work.”
Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario
“A powerful learning opportunity filled with moments of effective non-traditional learning, inspiration, relationship building and self-reflection. B.O.L.D. expertly balances the agenda of leadership talks, peer engagement, practical exercises and cross-industry learning to culminate into an experience with real traction.”
B. Tossan, Director, Strategy & Business Transformation, GM Canada
“B.O.L.D. is a great development program for diverse leaders that consistently challenged us to redefine our thinking through many unique and non-traditional activities. We tapped into the knowledge and experience of what other organizations have accomplished in the area of diversity and inclusion.”
Becky Hong, Director - Pricing, Shoppers Drug Mart
“My organization will benefit from having leaders that better understand how to frame their diversity message as well as influence stakeholders internally, as we forge ahead in this important journey. I learned more about myself – from unconscious biases to authenticity – which will help me influence those around me in creating an engaging workforce.”
Anthony Lam, Regional Vice President, Royal Bank of Canada
“Exceptional quality, creativity and integrity permeated the classroom from the outset. B.O.L.D. ensures a dynamic learning environment permitting participants to quickly develop confidence and trust. Thank you for pushing the learning environment in all the right directions.”
M. Moliner, Regional Executive Director, Government of Canada, Canadian Heritage
“The one-on-one coach is valuable as it allows me to discuss issues that I don’t normally discuss at the office. I am more aware that diversity is not just what you can see with your eyes, and is more about thinking in a diverse manner or being more open to others’ ways of thinking.”
C. Duong, Director of Finance-Healthcare, Sodexo Canada
“The B.O.L.D.. sessions were very powerful and allowed me to connect, not only to others in the group, but to myself and to the learning that was provided. With the B.O.L.D. alumni being tracked for 5 years, which is unique, I’m sure we’ll keep connected!”
M. Mawani, Chief Development Officer, CivicAction
“The format of B.O.L.D. is unique in that the accountability is not just of the talent but of the employer sponsor as well. Bringing the learnings back to my organization, especially with the CEO and senior management was a great opportunity to discuss and share ideas and resources. Definitely a great hub for cross-pollination of ideas!”
Tsering Tsomo, Program Manager, YWCA Toronto
“The B.O.L.D. program helped me think more deeply and openly about my own leadership skills The intentional diversity of the B.O.L.D. group was unique and a positive aspect of the process, as other programs often have participants from the same environment and same general context.”
L. Salsberg, Manager, Strategic Policy and Systems Planning, Metrolinx
“The B.O.L.D. experience refined my appreciation for diversity as a strength and a key differentiator in the marketplace. Immensely valuable for problem solving and finding new ways to approach challenges.”
Faye Roberts, Director, GM Canada
“I really liked the learnings from the Effective Communications, Personal Leadership Branding and Strategic Influence modules, and especially that B.O.L.D. is diversity-focused.”
M. Baptiste, Manager, Aboriginal Affairs, Canadian Executive Services Organization
“I found the B.O.L.D. experience invaluable. I was able to fully engage in my own personal development, while learning from my cohort members, and receiving encouraging feedback to apply in real time in my workplace.”
K. Djordjevic, Director, Clinical Excellence and Physician Relations, Pharmacy - Shoppers Drug Mart