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“Businesses with a strong commitment to diversity outperform their peers annually with higher net profits and higher median returns on equity.” – Slater, Weigland & Zwirlein, Harvard Business Review

A diversity and inclusion strategy is a good business imperative.

Diversity Advantage International, a division of LCI Associates Inc., has more than 30 years of Canadian and international experience. We are a leading provider of business, talent and workplace solutions. Diverse perspectives, skillful communications, finely honed thought leadership and seamless execution are hallmarks of LCI initiatives and projects.

Create new value and realize the benefits of a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy. Greater innovation, increased productivity and prosperity, enhanced international competitiveness, larger market share, and employees who are empowered and engaged are all within reach. If your business is contemplating its next big performance milestone or taking the first step in the vast and often complex world of diversity and inclusion, we can help.

Diversity is good business.
The strategic gains from a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace are tangible, sustainable and even transformational. And in an increasingly global marketplace, wouldn’t you want to leverage diversity to be a competitive advantage?

Diversity Advantage International (DAI) is your diversity advantage.
Count on our informed perspectives on pressing issues and emerging trends. That advantage translates into your greater insight, integration and impact.

Unlock the full value of a diverse workforce.
Diversity Advantage International (DAI) is a leading provider of evidence-based talent and workplace diversity and inclusion solutions, providing a continuum approach to the strategic integration of diversity and inclusion.

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Effective diversity management is a well-travelled path.
Done well and consistently refined, diversity and inclusion initiatives can be transformational and are key indicators of high-performance organizations.

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One size does not fit all.
You can count on our customized solutions to meet your strategic goals and priorities. We’ll help you get where you want to be. We’re your competitive advantage, your Diversity Advantage.

B.O.L.D. Ideas

B.O.L.D. supports the growth and ambition of companies and organizations and aspirations of individuals who are positioned to take on leadership roles. Together, we believe that we can tackle one of the biggest challenges to Canada’s future prosperity – building leadership diversity into the most senior roles in all sectors.


Employers Forum

In January 2013 Diversity Advantage International (DAI) convened over 30 leading diversity thought leaders and champions. CEOs, VPs and Directors responded to a call to action put forth by DAI, along with the Schulich Executive Education Centre and Knightsbridge.