Project Description

Living Core Values

Developing a robust strategic diversity and inclusion framework.

Working with Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada’s largest retail pharmacy chain, and one of the most recognized and admired award-winning retailers, is an opportunity to engage with talented leaders who are dedicated to corporate excellence. 

When a product brand is a household name, living core values is critically important. Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) is an important destination for millions of Canadians. SDM is an anchor store that holds a prominent place in every retail cluster; moreover, each store is a vital part of the community it serves in over 1,200 locations.

So it’s no surprise that at SDM, people are paramount. Owner-managers and employees are connected to the communities around SDM locations, and reflect the culture and values of the community. When it comes to talent recruitment and succession planning, a strategic diversity and inclusion framework is central to living the shared values of SDM and the community.

Working in close collaboration with SDM senior managers, Diversity Advantage International engaged key stakeholders in corporate and regional offices and within the retail network. Our project connected with the many facets of SDM, including employees, management, associate-owners and their teams.

Developing, for SDM, a robust strategic diversity and inclusion framework enhances the alignment and operationalization of the SDM business strategy with its talent strategy. Recruitment, retention, development and succession planning are mindful activities that are rooted in its corporate culture.

SDM executives and senior managers are champions who recognize, and are committed to, optimizing the richness of SDM employees. The diverse skills, experiences, characteristics and perspectives of employees contribute to making SDM an iconic Canadian brand.

SDM’s talent management strategy also includes their ongoing commitment to our unique B.O.L.D. (Broadening Opportunity Through Leadership Diversity) program.

“B.O.L.D. is a great development program for diverse leaders that consistently challenged us to redefine our thinking through many unique and non-traditional learning activities. We tapped into the knowledge and experience of what other organizations have accomplished in the area of diversity and inclusion.”
B. Hong Director - Pricing, Shoppers Drug Mart