Project Description

Call to action for diverse leadership

Driving innovation and organizational development.

We are committed to addressing the disconnect between demographic realities and the practice of inclusion and effective utilization of Canada’s diverse talent. In 2010, Diversity Advantage International (DAI) undertook consultations with key talent and employer stakeholders, who consistently raised the critical issue of the under-representation of talent from diverse cultural backgrounds, internationally trained professionals, and Indigenous Peoples.

Based on the consultations, and in alignment with key research and reporting on the issue of leadership diversity, we launched B.O.L.D. (Broadening Opportunity Through Leadership Diversity). The B.O.L.D. program is designed and delivered by Diversity Advantage international, in collaborative partnership with Schulich Executive Education Centre.

B.O.L.D. participants embrace this highly interactive program, centered on nine sessions over the eight-month period to meet their leadership goals. The customized executive coaching is an important value add. The B.O.L.D. process also supports the growth and success of companies and organizations and the aspirations of individuals who are positioned to take on leadership roles. Together, we believe that we can tackle one of the biggest challenges to Canada’s future prosperity – advancing leadership diversity into the most senior roles in all sectors.

Canada’s foremost employers have committed to grow their diverse leadership pipelines and workforce through B.O.L.D. More than a professional development program, B.O.L.D. addresses progress and sustainable impact through data compilation and the tracking of B.O.L.D. leaders for a five-year period.

B.O.L.D. is committed to driving innovation and organizational development by advancing the careers of diverse leaders. We simultaneously engage both participants and employer-sponsors in “real time” interaction and activities. Structured dialogue supports applied learning, the generation of new ideas, and deeper integration, while firmly grounding value in the organization’s bottom line.

We are actively working to expand the reach of the B.O.L.D. program to other Canadian cities. An in-house corporate program and scalable versions are available.